Affirmations are a great way to reprogram your beliefs, mindsets, and thoughts.
Affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself. They are statements that you want your mind
to believe and default to so that they replace those beliefs that don’t serve you well.

Beliefs –> Mindsets –> Thoughts .. or.. Thoughts—> Beliefs—> Mindset

Here are some examples. Instead of you thinking “I am not good at this” when you think you mess up,
you can train your mind to say “I am going to learn a lot while doing this”. The affirmation that might
help this thought transform could be “Everyday in every way, I am getting better” or “I am worthy and
capable of learning new things”.

Create your own Personalized Affirmations


The first step to creating your own personalized affirmations is recognizing the destructive thoughts you want to change and when you find yourself thinking them. Write it down in the way that it comes to you in the situation and the root belief behind it.


The second step is to write down the opposite of the statement you wrote down in the first step. Make sure that it resonates with you and makes you feel good. It should bring out the opposite feeling that the previous statement does, e.g. fearful to powerful, discouraged to encouraged. Put it somewhere you will see it often. That could be on a piece of paper beside your bed or the lock screen of you phone or a sticky note on the mirror.


Create as many affirmations for yourself as you desire.
Create them to be personal and powerful for you.
Create that power that comes from a change in mindset

Personalized Affirmation Template

Frequently Asked Questions

If you desire growth, in any area of life, mindset will take you there. What’s special about network marketing is that it involves selling yourself as you become the product of the product. People buy from people, not brands. So in order to elevate other people and provide value to people, you need to put forth your best self. Success is 95% Mindset and is key to personal growth, which provides value to those you serve.

Limiting beliefs are ideas that you believe to be true, and hold you back. To identify them you have to take note of the areas in life you feel challenged and the scenarios that cause you to act in a negative way. Think about the belief behind that negative feeling or action. This will help you determine the limiting belief.

There are many ways that a mindset course is different from a business course, but these are the main ones. 1. Mindset work is not only hugely beneficial for your business, but every aspect of your life. 2. A business course is focused on the logistics of financial gain (the strategy, which is only 5% in the equation of success), while mindset work teaches you how to create wealth through serving others well.