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Pick the response that that best suits how you feel towards each question or statement.

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When I need to get something done, the best way to do it is,

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If I had unlimited chances to accomplish a dream, how many times would I try before feeling like a failure?

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The world is getting worse and worse as time goes on.

4 / 11

When people tell me what they view my personality as,

5 / 11

If someone new comes into a group setting and it is clear that everybody immediately likes them,

6 / 11

I would be making more money if I...

7 / 11

When someone tries to help me with something, usually...

8 / 11

Is it easier for you to blame yourself or something/someone else?

9 / 11

When do you feel smart?

10 / 11

When I see someone succeeding at something I am trying to succeed in,

11 / 11

When road blocks keep coming up and making it difficult to achieve what you want,

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